Side-lying is an excellent position to foster “midline awareness” and bilateral hand play. 

Our brains are made up of two halves that have to work in sync to accomplish tasks. A baby needs to be able to find midline (the middle of his/her body) and be able to cross this line, first with eyes, followed by turning his/her head, and then by being able to bring hands together to this place. This develops with a LOT of steps. Without getting technical, here is what you can DO to help your baby accomplish this:

For eyes and head, you start with your baby on his/her back and get his/her attention with a toy and bring the toy across from side to side SLOWLY. As you near the middle, see if your baby loses the object or is able to follow across. This is a great first game to play.

Back to side-lying….

Your baby can easily find his or her hands in midline by simply placing your baby on his/her side. Many babies try to get out of this position. Block them from rolling all the way to their back so that they can learn to rock in and out of full side-lying.

–Place a toy in their hands and watch them explore.

–Lay down facing them and talk or let them touch your nose, etc

–Place a baby proof mirror or a bright and fun toy for them to look at or reach for

Get creative and get to side-lying! It is a very important and often overlooked position.

Remember: It is super important to monitor and stay with your baby. Also, all changing positions are very important to maintain head shape. 

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