How to help your baby love tummy time

Discover the secrets to helping your baby enjoy tummy time!

Does your baby hate tummy time?

Well, you are not alone!!   It is very common to not enjoy this position.

First, if your baby cannot move out of this position or cannot lift his/her head, then this position is scary.

Also, this may make your baby spit up more. See my tummy time page for more details.

Your baby needs tummy time for muscle development as well as cognitive development. If you notice your baby “swimming” in this position, you need more help than just basic tummy time.  Some new materials are being developed for this and will be posted soon. Please feel free to email me with specific questions about this or any other related issue.

Don’t give up on this. It will get better and you will learn to love playing the games for this. Your baby will soon be rolling to his or her tummy on purpose!

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Cerebral Palsy and D-Day

Hello all,

I get a LOT of questions about Cerebral Palsy (CP). Most people have an image in their mind about what a CP person is like. I will tell you that there is a WIDE variety of people with this diagnosis. The definition of CP on a simple level is brain damage that occurred either right before, during, or after birth. The cause of the damage can be from any source. So many parents go to the doctor and get this diagnosis and panic. Yes, there is a reason to be concerned; but please do not panic. Get involved with a good set of pediatric therapists who can help you and your child. The initial diagnosis day (I like to call is D-Day) is pretty scary and usually leads to a LOT of sleepless nights. No matter what diagnosis you get from your doctor, let a pediatric therapist guide you through the steps to helping your child with every step of development. I know that you are scared and maybe a little mad. I think you would have to be abnormal not to be a little of both. I think one of the greatest things you can do right now is to try and not google every little thing about CP; but start with working through where your child is now. For instance, did you know that you can now apply for a handicap sticker or tag for your car? Usually, you just go to the local DMV office and get the paperwork to do so. Also, you need to explore what other services are now available to you and your child. Your therapist may be able to help you with some of this or connect you to a social worker in the area who can connect you. There are many doors that open for your child with a CP diagnosis and I don’t want you to miss any of them. Social media sometimes helps as well. There are Facebook groups, etc that have very active and moms with a great understanding of where you are now and how to proceed to find these resources.

The actual treatment for CP will vary immensely, depending on your child’s functional level and abilities. I say ability instead of disability because you need to focus on what he or she can do and work from there. I really hope you have a great journey; but I will tell you that there will be obstacles. Keep digging for information and you will find it. I wish you the best. Please keep the emails coming and I will answer you individually with specific questions.

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