LOGOfinalWhen your baby is an infant, he/she will begin to kick and move to strengthen his/her arms and legs. Your therapist will guide you to help you increase this when necessary.

1.) The first rolling your baby will learn is to roll from his/her side to his/her back. Gravity helps a lot with this so your baby doesn’t have to “work” too hard for this.

Help by doing the following:

a.) Dangle a toy/rattle in front of your baby and get them interested in this. Move it back and forth across the middle and get them to slowly follow with their eyes. Their eyes must be the first to follow across this midline area.

b.) Place your baby on his/her side and get his/her attention with the toy and bring the toy across to have them follow with their eyes, which will roll them onto their back.

c.) Practice this to both sides.

2.) Next, your baby will learn to roll from his/her back to either side. It is important that your baby can do this to both sides.

a.) Continue the game above but go from side to side slowly. Assist by helping your baby reach for the toy and bring their hip across. A therapist will be able to demonstrate this for you.

b.) Give your baby a lot of floor time with a mobile that has toys dangling in all directions.

Here is two of my favorites for this:

Fisher Price Piano Mat

This one has a keyboard at the bottom that can be used to get your child to kick more and it converts to a sitting toy later.

Fisher Price Play Mat

This one is a great overall toy with detachable toys and items in all directions.

Rolling also progresses from “log rolling” to “segmental rolling”. With log rolling, your child will follow his/her head turn with the rest of his/her body.  In segmental rolling, your child will learn to lead with his/her hips and then the upper body will follow.  This is more advanced and is an important part of your baby learning to move in more complex patterns.  This leads to skills for getting in and out of sitting and advancing through to walking skills.

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