My new course is on the way!


My course and all related materials are all in final stages of development. I am currently gathering information on when and where the course will first be held and subsequent dates will follow. Please check back often and email me anytime at


My FIRST book is now available in both downloadable ($10) and print ($20 s/h included) forms.

These games and activities are compiled from my 23 years of working with children as a pediatric physical therapist. I hope that you will remember that you should never leave your child unattended during these activities and these are not meant to take the place of any type of therapy that your child may or may not need. These are simple ways to incorporate games and fun into making wonderful memories and at the same time offering your child more opportunities to develop his or her gross motor skills.

Whether you are a therapist looking for more ideas or a mom that is needing information or both, this book will help guide you into creating fun and development through play. Play is the key to helping your child develop. It has got to be fun for your child or he or she will not want to keep practicing. Hopefully, you will find some new ways to inspire your child to keep moving!

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