Is tip toe walking ok?

Yes AND no.

Your baby is moving and learning and experimenting with a lot of muscles. When your child first walks, his/her steps and foot positions can change almost daily.  If he/ she stays on his/her toes at this stage, get them evaluated  to rule out sensory disorders and/or muscle imbalances.  More than likely, he/she will settle into a flat foot position but there are activities to improve this that a therapist can help you with.

If your baby has been walking for a few months and begins to tip toe walk, it is possible that he/she is practicing a new skill (which is an appropriate skill at that time). Watch to make sure it is not all of the time or getting worse. This would be a concern to ask for an evaluation by a therapist.

For ideas on how to interact and play with your child, click HERE for available books.

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