Thanksgiving Ideas

Thankful Tree

Materials needed:

Construction Paper


Picture of a tree

Every year when our kids were little, I would place a picture of a tree on the wall or sometimes I would make a larger laminated version. I would cut out simple “leaves” out of construction paper for every member of our family. Every day, we would each tell something we were thankful for to write on teh leaf and then p;ace that leaf on the tree. Many times, we wouldn’t start this until mid November due to busy schedules, etc. It is not too late to start!!

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Turkey Feather Toss

Materials needed:

Colorful feathers

Hat or bucket


Give each child a different color feather. Have them make up a move to do for their feather, like one child might want to march, another one may chose jump, etc.  Place the feathers in a hat or bucket and toss them into the air. Whoever has the feather that lands last, everyone must do their choice of activity. You can modify this to a race on the ground and have each child blow their feathers across the room to a finish line. Get creative and have fun with this.

For younger children and toddlers, use the feathers for dump and fill (like Easter Egg hunting) with the bucket. Remember that they may try to put this in their mouth, so don’t let them. Follow the recommendations on the label of the feathers you buy as to what is safe.

Turkey Shoot

Ok, when my kids were small, we lived in a warm area. We used the following:


Water guns

Picture of a turkey

Sidewalk Chalk

I would tape up a picture of a turkey for each kiddo and use the chalk to draw a line to stand behind. We began by simply shooting at the turkey and this was way too easy. We made it harder by having each child stand on one leg, then shoot under a leg, shoot with eyes closed…you get the idea. Fun and silly!


Materials needed:

Laundry basket

Picture of a turkey


Bean Bags

Here, you could do the same but shoot with bean bags and make the “Turkey” be a picture of a turkey on the inside of a laundry basket turned on its side. Have fun either way and get those kids moving!

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