My Pediatric Physical Therapist suggested kinesio taping?

I know it sounds funny and many of you may not even know what it is. Kinesio taping is used to accomplish a variety of different things. It has received a lot of attention in the past few Olympics, when several athletes were visibly taped. The actual tape was invented years ago. Recently, many therapists have begun more actively using the tape as more and more research has surfaced. The tape can be used to treat an injury by reducing healing times as well as to enhance muscle functions without restricting range of motion.

That all sounds wonderful but what exactly can it do for toddlers and infants? Most of the more recent uses have been for improving postural control or reducing an over used muscle, such as in torticollis.  I received this question from a young mother whose child was diagnosed with torticollis and the child has not responded well yet from traditional stretching and positioning.  Following the protocols from a therapist who is trained specifically on how to tape for this condition is a must. The tape has to be applied in an inhibitory manner, meaning in a specific direction and anchored properly to reduce stress on the skin.

When used properly, this is a very effective tool in helping your child achieve his or her therapy goals.

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