Water Painting

This was one of my children’s favorite summer activities.


Bucket or pail

New Paint brushes


What this activity can do:

–Strengthen legs, arms, and core: particularly wonderful for children how toe walk or need to work on stretching heel cords as well as strengthen other areas

–Help children who are having sensory issues with water: this activity is a less involved way to play with water and your child can choose how wet to get.

–Fine Motor work as your child may decide to write a letter or shape with “paint” as well as grade the movement skills to “paint” a pole on a swingset

Fill the bucket with water and let your little artist “paint” fences, driveways, swing sets, or whatever they find outside. This is wonderful for your child to strengthen his or her legs and he or she squats up and down. Your child will also love carrying the bucket from place to place.

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