Simon Says

(You can modify by always saying Simon and no one gets “out”)




This game is used to develop balance and walking skills as well as just about anything else “Simon” wants to do! Use this game to work on skills that your therapist has told you are low and your child needs to further develop. For instance, if your child has difficulty reaching arms overhead, then this would be a great thing to work on for this game.


Start this game as a follow the leader type activity. Add the getting “out” part as your child nears ages 4—5 to help them understand to listen. For now, enjoy watching your child take his or her turn as Simon too. Big brothers and sisters LOVE to help with this game—what a power trip for them! Let them be Simon as much as they want. Your younger child is already watching and following them. You can help guide this by showing your older child what you want them to work on or by modeling a few activities when you are Simon.

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