Sidewalk Chalk

There are so many ways to use chalk. It is wonderful to let your child squat to draw. Here are a few ways to use it for more active fun:

–Draw a road for riding toys

–Make an obstacle course with a circle means jump, a square means stop, etc. Get creative with this and watch your child correct you when you make a mistake!

–Make a balance beam

–Draw a target to throw anything from pinecones to acorns

–Make a large circle and see who can push a small car the closest

–Make a Ladder—practice jumping over or stepping over rungs, or bear walk along the outside parts. You can have a ladder “race” with a sibling and take rocks or pine cones to fill a bucket on one end.

–Draw letters or numbers and have your child jump or step from one to the other. This is a great way to help your child begin to understand the sequence of letters and numbers and begin some early addition and subtraction. If you draw a large number line with numbers 1—10, have your child pick their favorite number. Say “go two up and what do you have?”

Let your inner artist go and have fun! As your child gets older, their are many other games to play such as hop skotch but for now, just enjoy the outdoors together.

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