Rainbow Toast


Here is a fun snack time activity that is great for fine motor skills as well as working on colors and combinations of colors. This is also a great way to get your picky eaters to try some new things.

Age: 2 and up is best. 

Materials: Loaf bread, new small water color paint brushes, two or three bowls, food coloring, milk, and jelly/butter or whatever you like on your toast

Place on tablespoon of milk in each bowl. Choose one color per bowl and place a few drops of food coloring in each bowl. Talk about the colors and you may even want to combine some to teach this as well. Using one paint brush per bowl, help your child “paint” some colors on their piece of bread. This is a short activity so be ready to grab the bread and place in the toaster before it is too wet. Once the toast is through toasting, you can help your little one put butter or jelly, etc on their toast to enjoy as their snack.

The toast will remain the colors your child paints it, unless you over toast it. This was one of my childrens’ favorite activities for snack time.


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