Ice Cream Catch

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Ice Cream Catch

There is a specific ball made for this but you don’t have to purchase one to play this very fun game that ends in a sweet treat. This is a great game for kids 1 to 50!

Things you will need:

Gallon zip lock bags

Sandwich zip lock bags

Half and Half



Crushed Ice

Rock Salt

In a mixing bowl, have your little ones help you put in

1Tbsp Sugar

½ cup half and half

¼ tsp vanilla

Mix this and pour into 1 zip lock sandwich bag

In the gallon bag, place 1/3 cup rock salt and 3 cups crushed ice and the sealed sandwich bag. Seal the large bag and play a game of toss with the bag. As you grab the bag, have the person holding it squish and squeeze it a few times. In about 10-15 minutes you will have soft homeade ice cream. If you are doing several at a time, each person can hold and squish their own and you don’t have to play toss with it—this will strengthen hand muscles as well. This game helps children use both hands equally as well.

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