How to reduce throwing

How to reduce throwing with a baby

So many times I get asked how to help a child reduce throwing objects. As a physical therapist I want children to throw a ball toward a target, etc. These skills are tested for a measure of a child’s development. In other words, every child is developmentally supposed to be able to throw a ball; but even at an early age, every child is supposed to learn how to release a toy. This in turn will sometimes begin the game of “drop this and watch mom or dad retrieve it for me” game.

Many times, the “drop this…” game becomes a “throw this” game. When you want to teach your child how to reduce throwing, first make a container of things that your child can throw (such as balls, etc.). Keep this nearby and possibly a laundry basket or box for a target as well. Direct your child toward this when he or she wants to throw.

The following is a game that works well to reduce throwing as well. It is using the “mommy chair” concept with one leg open and the child turned so that I could not only support slightly from behind but also engage the child face to face.

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