High Chair Help


High chairs can be wonderful and fun for your child. This is a safe (when buckled correctly and supervised) place for your child to be up where you and the family are and interact and play as well as eat. Sometimes, a baby enjoys throwing a little too much. It is normal for a child to drop objects and look where they fall (around 6-9 months). Sometimes this behavior becomes overzealous and very annoying to parents.

Try these tips:

—Tie a colorful string (always make the string short and slways supervise your child) to a toy and tape the toy with contact paper or packing tape to the edge of the high chair. Let your child play with the toy and then when he or she throws or “drops” it, show him or her how to pull it back up.

—Use the same concept but use contact paper or tape to hold string to a cup and the high chair

—Use your high chair for more than feeding time. Put your little one in while you are cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen and sing and talk to him or her while you work. Let them see what you are doing: for example, if you are washing dishes, show them the bubbles. Give your baby a few on his or her tray to squish and wipe around while you finish. Most of the time, toddlers and babies want down when mealtime is over. This is normal, but if you create some play times in the chair, you might get longer time periods here without the fussing.

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