Winter is really here…and so are all the nasty bugs (we will call them NB’s). Normally, I suggest getting out and keeping active; but I am telling all of my families to stay in as much as possible until the weather breaks enough to go outside. Avoiding the indoor play areas for awhile will significantly reduce your exposure to the nasty bugs that are seemingly everywhere this year.


Apparently, even the flu vaccination cannot protect you well this winter. Some of the strains that are more prevalent are not included in this year’s vaccination. There are so many other NB’s around as well, that I have really stressed keeping the kids home instead of in a public indoor play area.


If you must get out and cannot take it anymore, I totally understand. Just keep your little ones wiped down well–especially hands and faces. Wash your own hands a little more as well. Let’s not give the NB’s a chance to get your sweet little one sick.


Stay warm and stay healthy!


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