Easter Egg Hunting


Don’t forget to get those eggs out now and practice! I remember when my first child was little getting swamped by the kids who knew how to get the eggs. My child was more like a spectator than a participant!

For years I have used dump and fill activities and particularly egg hunting, but forgot to get the eggs out way before for my own child.

Now I use Easter Egg hunting WAY before to help kids get the idea while at the same time accomplishing strengthening to their legs and core.

For Toe Walkers: The motion of a squat to stand helps these children develop a deeper squat to stretch their heel cords

For Sensory fun: Use Eggs to play in the water, sand, or a rice and bean mixture for sensory feedback as well.

Ideas other than candy: Our family used money or stickers but I had a great idea sent to me that I thought would be excellent to try. Fill the eggs with puzzle pieces and when you are through hunting, put the puzzle together. The added bonus is that you know an egg is missing if you have a missing puzzle piece.

Here are other great ideas (non-candy)–some of these can be choking hazards so judge this according to the age of your child:

–gift certificates

–party size play dough

–matchbox car

–small hard animals or rubber bugs, etc

–chapstick or small lip gloss

–small non-toxic nail polish

–erasers or pencil toppers

–hair bands or clips


–jewelry like necklaces, rings, or earrings


–goldfish or gummy snacks

–keychains or colorful shoelaces

–glow in the dark stars

–sponges (the ones that grow with water)

–character bandaids

There are many other things that will fit but just make sure that they are appropriate for the ages of your children. The dollar store is a great place to hunt for good items to use.


Make this a regular activity–use just about anything to “hide” and seek!

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