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Sitting Skills:


Sitting takes on a variety of forms as it develops:

a.) Lean to sit : this is the first stage of sitting and and is not really sitting as much as it is leaning on his/her belly.  A baby with tightness in his/her hips my seem to be sitting up well when in reality he/she is using this tightness to “hang”.

–Hold your baby and rock gently side to side and forward and back while singing or just during family time.

–Begin a “mommy chair” by placing your baby between your legs and giving some support while they practice sitting.

–If you have a Bumbo chair, now is time to start using this some–always on the ground and with supervision.

b.) Prop sitting: your baby will begin to place arms down in front to help hold up in sitting. If your child has difficulty with this, you may have to assist by placing the arms in between feet on the floor.  With arm problems, adaptations can be made such as placing a pillow like a Boppy in front and your baby leaning on this.

–Continue to play games like rocking back and forth while holding your baby in sitting on your lap

–Help your baby prop in sitting and rock him/her side to side gently.

–blow bubbles or offer toys to encourage your baby to lift one hand and support with the other.

–Place a Boppy behind and around OR in front and allow weight bearing through your baby’s arms.

–Hold your baby and lot him/her weight bear through his/her arms while holding his/her arms.

–Continue the Bumbo chair and place a hanging baby gym toy in front to help your baby reach and/or out the tray on and let your baby weight bear through his/her arms.

–Continue the “mommy chair” and move your baby forward to give less support.

c.) Sit independently briefly: your baby will learn to lift first one hand and then the other and eventually your baby will be able to sit up briefly with no hands.

–Encourage reaching in all directions with emphasis on increasing your baby’s confidence.  There are several skills the your baby will need to work on at the same time such as righting reactions and protective extensions. These are reactions that your baby will develop to use to keep from falling over.

–Begin the “reaching circle“.  Watch your baby and place a couple of toys around his/her legs in sitting. See how far your baby is willing to reach and make a mental note of this. As you sit your baby up over the next few days, try to challenge your baby by expanding this “reaching circle”.  Be careful not to push this too hard or too far to quickly. Your

baby will always work more and progress better when he/she is confident and successful with his/her movements.  Always stay with your baby when doing this and keep pillows around to help in case of loss of balance.

–Continue to hold your baby and rock gently side to side and forward and back while singing or just during family time. Sit facing your baby and rock him/her back and forth and side to side with songs/etc.  This is a great time for Row Row Your Boat!

d.) Independent sitting:  Finally, your baby will achieve sitting with no support and no falling over!

–Continue to play all the above games and expand the “reaching circle”.

The Bumbo will no longer be needed.  Continue the “mommy chair” and place toys on sides of legs to encourage your baby to rotate and reach for the toys.

Other forms of sitting will now be appropriate: side sitting, etc.