Couch Cushion Gross Motor Ideas

Your home is full of therapy fun if you can use your imagination. Couch cushions are a great source of playtime fun. Here is one example.

┬áLet’s Climb!

Place one cushion on the floor next to where you took it off the couch.

Help your child learn how to kneel at the couch cushion and play (called modified kneeling). You can offer a book or a toy with buttons instead of pieces to help your child maintain this position. Sit behind your child and help her keep her knees together in this modified kneeling position.

When your child becomes comfortable with this, assist her to climb up onto the cushion. If she collapses slightly, the soft cushion will help her stay safe. To go up to the couch cushion springs area, she may need more help and more support. I recomment putting a soft blanket over the springs until your child is able to tolerate this and climb up and down smoothly. I also recommmend placing pillows all around the exterior of the cushion when working on the climbing. This keeps your child from slipping away from you and tumbling forward. The pillows will help her feel safe, as they make a ramp up to the cushion.

Climbing down is a skill that comes after mastering going up, but please introduce the seqeuncing from the start. As your child moves toward the edge, she will probably try to climb down on face first, but don’t let her. Help your child turn around and come down feet first on her belly.

When your child has mastered this, you can pull many cushions and pillows down for a play time full of climbing. Please supervise at all times because this can get dangerous, particularly if she is pulling to stand on the couch springs.

Use your new “levels” for climbing. Make it fun by placing some cushions on the floor and covering with a blanket. Now you have a simple obstacle course!

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