Car Wash

 On a warm day, put your child in clothing you don’t mind getting wet OR a bathing suit, sunscreen, and get outside! This may end up being a car wash for you as well. Let your child “help” wash your car too!


Ways to play with this idea:

1.) Get your child’s trike or any riding toy and grab a pail of water and an old wash cloth. Use an old pair of socks on your child’s arms and let them wash away OR just give them a sponge or wash cloth. Let your child “wash” their riding toys and play in the water.

2.) Let your child actually wash your car with you. Use the sock or wash cloths like above.

3.) Give your child some sponges and let him or her practice dunking and squeezing the water out. Show your child how to make the driveway wet with squeezing out water or dabbing with a sponge. Use the soapy water as well as clean water to play.

4.) Let your child explore water while outside and in a place where getting messy is almost expected!

You will have a lot of great memories and pictures to laugh over some day. Don’t forget that water can be very dangerous and you should never leave your child unattended even for  just a small amount of time. Also, water can be very intimidating for some children. This is a GREAT activity to help your child play in water in a less intrusive way than a pool or bathtub.

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