Bowling is a great game for gross motor skills. It develops eye hand coordination as well as strengthens legs and arms. There are many ways to make a homeade bowling set. Here are a few:

For the Pins:

1.) Water bottles: use old water bottles! You can fill them with a little colored water and glitter for extra fun. Make sure you tape the lids on well and don’t leave these with very young children.

2.) Paper towel or toilet paper rolls. You can decorate with anything and set these up to knock over again and again.

3.) Paper cups (how about all those coffee cups from each morning–save them and wash them and recycle the fun)

4.) Any used containers like plastic orange juice bottles, yogurt bottles, ketchup, etc.


Get creative and have a blast recycling items around the home for a great game.


For the Ball:

Use balls of all sizes and think outside the box like using old socks rolled up. You might even create a whole new set of rules!

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