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More ideas and information can be found in my books:

1.) My Baby Moves: Toddler Games

This book incorporates gross motor activities using many popular songs and games with all lyrics and gives ideas of how to utilize these during playtime with your child. Don’t miss the opportunities every day to interact and help your child grow stronger through songs and games you are familiar with but might not fully remember!

To download this book, click HERE

2.) Early Intervention Basics: Birth to 12 Months

A full guideline of activities and explanations of the five areas of development for ages 0-12 months that are tracked in early intervention services: motor, cognitive, adaptive, social, and communication skills. The information is presented from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months sections with each early intervention category explained. The needed skills and a variety of strategies and ideas to accomplish these are provided. This book is appropriate for EI providers, teachers, daycare workers, and parents.

To download this book, click HERE 


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